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Peyronies Disease Treatment Discovery

Peyronies Treatment Options

There are many Peyronies treatment options, being categorized as surgical, medicated, therapy and of course with the help of different devices. To treat Peyronies disease, it is important to diagnose it first so that it can be evaluated and the treatment could be selected according to the patient’s need. It is also to make sure that the patient is actually suffering from Peyronies and not the usual penis curvature.

Peyronies or just a Slight Penis Curvature?

why is my penis bentWhy is my penis bent can be a very embarrassing question to have to ask. Most of the times, men get confused and categorize even a normal penis curve as an infectious disease and start looking for methods to straighten penis right away.

However, before initiating any treatment, medical professionals recommend waiting for one or two years because in several cases Peyronies disease naturally goes away during this time. It may also get worse during this period.


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Peyronies Disease Treatment Options

Peyronies disease treatment options depend on the severity of the condition. If you are facing severe pain even if the penis is not erect, you may want to go for surgical options. In surgical treatment, the surgeons either remove the plaque tissue and replace with other similar fiber or counter the bending effect by placing alternative tissues on the opposite side of the bend.

Peyronies treatment through surgery although delivers quick results, but it has some serious side effects, one of which is the time it takes to heal. Even in the best-case scenario, it takes six to 8 months for the penis to get to normal condition. Still, there are no guarantees of having a normal penis afterwards. Some loss in the strength of erection in penis, decrease in penis length and girth and a drop in testosterone levels are some of the most common side effects of surgical Peyronies disease treatment options.


Surgical Peyronies treatment is only opted in severe conditions where the pain is unbearable and the plaque requires immediate attention.

If the Peyronies disease condition is not to severe, then medical professionals recommend medicated or vitamin therapy. In medication treatment, different FDA approved substances are either given orally or injected in the diseased area, which assist in breaking down the scar tissues that are causing the curvature. There are no serious side effects of oral medication except if there are any allergies to certain chemicals included in them. The injections may result in pain, bruises or temporary numbness of the penis.

Vitamin therapy is also recommended to straighten penis. Different vitamins, especially vitamin E and B-Complex gradually decrease scar tissue, therefore decreasing the curvature in the penis. Where results are authentic, it takes time before the patient actually starts getting results.


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Peyronies Treatment Through Peyronies Device

Other than that, several medical professionals and surgeons suggest the use of Peyronies Device, a traction device that straightens penis and adds size to it naturally, permanently and without any side effects. Not just this disease, it also treats normal penis curvature and adds both length and girth to the organ while it is there.

peyronies ntreatmentPeyronies device treatment has been around for several years now and it is one of the most popular and discreet ways to revamp your sex life forever. It just takes a few months to remove any sort of bend, no matter the direction, and increase the length of your penis.

Unlike any other Peyronies disease treatment options, there is no need to consult any doctor or surgeon to cure your curved penis, you don’t have to go to a pharmacy to order medications, everything is included with the device. There is a CD, having all the needed information, medications to speed up the treatment process and the device with 16 different settings to allow complete control over the device. From all perspectives, Peyronies Device is the safest, easiest and the most discreet method to treat Peyronies forever.

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